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You can listen to selected songs from each of Bradley's albums on the ReverbNation Player below.


The Roads We Travel Home $10

"The Roads We Travel Home" (formerly "Homecoming") was released in 2003, as a companion to "Invitation to Voyage". The music on the album is about the reflective aspect of travel and about coming home after being away. Nominated for several awards, "The Roads We Travel Home" paints a musical picture of the multiple meanings of home. (song list: 1) reunion 2) the roads we travel home 3) morning on the lake 4) the prodigal son 5) the old homeplace 6) crossing the sands 7) missoula 8) promise me forever 9) always beside you 10) fairytale 11) snow in seattle 12) columbia 13) traveling with the tides 14) solace 15) homecoming 16) the giving tree)


Invitation to Voyage $10

"Invitation to Voyage" is a collection of songs that show off Bradley's classical training. This is an album to play in the car during long drives or on the commute to and from work. Listening to these compositions is sure to inspire you to dream of faraway places and distant shores. (song list: 1) cosmos 2) blue ridge 3) cumberland gap 4) himalaya 5) letter to a cherished friend 6) the bridge 7) anya's dance 8) the hero 9) paris at night 10) hokule'a 11) riley's dream 12) driving across montana 13) the road not taken 14) under the greenwood tree 15) invitation to voyage 16) journey's end)

invitation to voyage2.jpg

Child's Prayer for the Earth $10

"Child's Prayer for the Earth" was Bradley's first studio album, released in 2002 to high critical praise. It has been used in hospitals across to the country to provide a soothing background for patients undergoing treatment. It has also become a favorite in many school districts for use with kids with special needs and kids with various attention deficit disorders. Many parents have emailed Bradley that their children go to sleep at night with "Child's Prayer for the Earth". The music on the album will soothe every member of your family, whether settling down for the night or just taking a break from a stressful day. (song list: 1) the voice of a child 2) deep blue 3) sunrise 4) october in new york 5) shylo's song 6) elegy 7) father and son 8) one red rose 9) the birth of hope 10) first breath 11) franchesa 12) in grandmother's arms 13) i love you 14) mother 15) child's prayer for the earth 16) believe)

springsummer2006 797.jpg

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